Saturday, April 11, 2009


(price includes shipping and handling)
This roomy tote measures approximately 10" x 15" and is 3 1/2" deep.
Interior has pockets on one side, more upon request.
Select an interior and exterior fabric. If you would like the quilted look, select up to six fabrics, and specify which you would like used as lining. There is an additional $5 charge for labor on quilted styles.
As an additional option, I can create an extra large tote, 15" x 20" by 5" deep, for $30

please email me your fabric preferences

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the boyd family said...

wow, mikki look at you... those are adorable! i wanted to throw out another fun idea- take it or leave it, my feelings won't be hurt :) i've seen scripture enclosures that are really cool. not sure how to describe it other than you know when kids are in school and they have to cover their books. and the book's front and back slide into little pockets... i bet those are easy to make, not that i have any talent at it- because i don't, and i couldn't do it... but just a thought for more products... like you don't have anything else to do with your spare time :P